Harper’s 9 month GKids session | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

Harper has been working on strengthening her muscles since I have last seen her and I can tell she has put in a lot of hard work. She was so happy for her session today and gave me so many smiles. Her personality is so laid back and we were able to play around with many setups. Her mamma brought in this really cute white dress and since I am a sucker for monochromatic sets I knew I had to put her on the white wood! Then to make my sappy heart melt she started sucking her thumb!! Oh she reminds me so much of my sweet boy.


Let’s get dressed!

The hardest part about planning your session is going to be what to wear! It’s the question I get asked the most and I have a few tips!


  1. Be you! It sounds cheesy but it is so true! If you are a suit and dress kind of family then by all means dress to impress! If this is not something you wear on a regular basis then it is not the best choice for you. This does NOT mean you should be rocking your yoga pants and some unbrushed hair (let’s be real, that is my everyday…) so lets just polish up your look and maybe even wear a dress!
  2. Be comfortable! Are you one of those women that wears those ridiculously tall heals (even though we secretly want to see you fall) like a super model? That’s what you should wear! If you  live in your flip flops like I do then maybe you should wear some flats. You also need to keep our location in mind. There will be walking, sitting, tickling, and probably swinging involved so be able to sit without the need to unbutton your pants 🙂
  3. Wear the right size! I know SO MANY women who say they have a ton of weight to loose before they can show their figure off but that is the opposite of what you want to do! Your clothes give you shape,and combined with the right pose your “extra pounds” will melt away!
  4. Coordinate, not matching!  Gone are the days where everyone needs to wear the same color top and matching bottoms. Start with a color family you like and pick the family’s outfits based on that! Not sure what colors you like? Look at your home! The colors of your walls, pictures hanging, pillows, and your closet! Look up color family on pinterest and take notes! Here is my page with some great ideas! https://www.pinterest.com/jenngphotos/photo-outfits/

This is from one of my favorite pins: http://marlenjames.blogspot.ca/2013/05/tips-for-your-family-pictures-at.html


This is a great starting point for you and I am always here to talk about what you would like to wear. Feel free to text me a picture of your outfits if you are on the fence!

How to download your digital Images

I know how excited you are to download your digital images and in just a few clicks you will have them! To access your digital images you will click on the link I sent you from a computer or laptop. Click on the open gallery button.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.05.57 PM

Next you will enter your email and the password I gave you. Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.06.13 PM

When you get into your gallery look on the top right the buy all and click on it.Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.06.32 PM

A side menu will open and you will click the Digital Media tab and select the option that says all gallery photos.Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.06.47 PM

Add your item to your cart.Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.07.08 PM

Next you will select view cart.Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.07.23 PM

When you get to the shopping cart your total will be $0. Continue with the checkout.Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.07.34 PM

Fill out all of the information on the next page and place your order.Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.31.24 PMIn the next window you will see that an email will be sent to you with a zip file containing all of your images. It can take a little while for the zip folder to be sent to you, especially if you have several images in your gallery. Your images will NOT have any logos on them.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.32.27 PM

Time to show off your images! Let me know if you have any questions!

Bennett’s 4 months| Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

Bennett’s 4 month GKid’s session went great! I typically see my GKid’s at 3,4,6, 9, and 12 but Bennet is going to do 4, 8, and 12. I kind of like this because it gives a chance to show different stages of development instead of just the age.

His mom brought said she loves simple and white and I have to agree! These are some of my favorite images from my GKid’s! Mom also got quite the workout in the session lifting him up over her head but he had THE BEST smiles for her. I love watching these babies grow and seeing their personalities start to show and Mr.Bennett is all smiles. He was my biggest and longest newborn and he is still a pretty big and long baby.

Happy 4 months Bennett!bennett_4

Trotter lifestyle newborn Session | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

When Julia contacted me about setting up her newborn session she was so excited. She works at Your Birth, Your Baby and The Happiest Doulas and was EXCITED for her birth. These groups are filled with so much useful information and I love that most of the members are local! Julie offers training classes and over night care for new parents so she new first hand what to expect. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention she already has 4 children at home! Her beautiful family ranges in age from 18 to now newborn!

With this many people you never know what to expect but let me tell you I walked into the calmest and quietest house! You could see the love for new baby Violet who made her Mommy wait past her due date for her to arrive! Violet is very special to this family as she is their rainbow baby and I can’t imagine the relief they must have holding this precious girl in their arms. We started with some family shots in which I may or may not have rearranged the living room for! Mom (who did NOT look like she just had a baby) and Dad rocked their pictures with Violet making my job easy!  Big brother Addisu who very cautious with handling his little sister but did great holding her for his picture. Samarah was like a little Mom stepping in to hold Violet or calm her any chance she got! She was also a huge support to her Momma during labor acting as a doula for the much anticipated home birth. By the time Addilyn was ready for her sister Violet was starting to be done with pictures but she snuggled in close and we captured a beautiful picture of them! The last of the kids was Braydon and he tried so hard to help Violet be calm. You can’t blame her, she was passed around so much she needed some time with Mommy. We took a small break and took some pictures of Violet for the few short minutes she was sleeping on the bed. We added Braydon back in for one last sibling and family shot!

Lifestyle sessions go so fast and I am thankful to be a part of capturing such a lovely family. They welcomed me in like we had been friends for years, they are a beautiful family.


Limited Edition Sessions

This year I offered my first ever limited edition sessions! We had so many wonderful families sign up we quickly filled up. This beautiful location courtesy of Earthscape Design Inc and Mulch and More made the perfect backdrop! The weather was not on our side and a little too chilly for some of our younger children. Luckily this location has an amazing barn that we were able to utilize for some indoor shots and then just a couple outside. As we made it to some of the later sessions the sun warmed up which made our outside shots a little more bearable! These kids were such troopers and hardly noticed the cold! We will defiantly do this again in the future!

Allen Extended Family Session | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

I met the Allen Family earlier in the year when I set up a special for Coke’s Chapel Preschool to offer mini sessions for the families. When Karen said she wanted to get the entire family together I knew the best location for us would be the http://www.earthscape-designs.com! The beautiful landscape was showing off fall with vibrant orange and yellows painting the trees. Around every corner there was a place that caught my eye and wanted to take just one more! The best thing about this property is it’s versatility in accommodating different needs in one place. I am so thankful to have exclusive access to this mini botanical garden!

We started with the family sessions until everyone was ready and then stopped to set up the group. We knew we wanted to get a picture with everyone and then a picture with grandparents and grandkids so that was our priority shot! I was worried about getting everyone to look at me because we had some young kids but they did FANTASTIC! No photoshop needed to swap out faces from people looking away for this family! The last family waited so patiently while  we took care of the babies first. I forgot to mention that we were battling CRAZY wind and a random cold front so everyone was freezing!

Jenn Gervais Photography

Tenley’s Newborn Session| Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

I was so excited to set up this newborn session for Brittany and her Husband. Way back in the day I use to work with her as a teacher and we had many years loving on kids. It is so rewarding working with kids and worth all of the time and energy that goes into helping them grow. Times have changed and now she is a Momma to a sweet baby girl of her own! Tenley was an angel for me and not only posed super easy, she gave me lots of smiles!!! I am talking at least 3 images with her smiling and I could not have asked for a better session.


Brylie is one! | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

How it has already been 6 months since I last saw this sweet girl is beyond me but it has! Her Momma said she wanted a vintag look to her images and I had so much fun getting a little girly fix looking at all of the outfits on Etsy! Who knew there were so many choices for cake smash outfits!! When we started with her 1 year pictures first I quickly learned that this girl is on the move! We busted out some bubbles and played chase the baby but it was all worth it! Cake smash sessions are a gamble, you never know how they will react to the cake. Brylie was a little slow to warm up to the cake but when she did it was great! At one point she actually picked up the entire cake! She actually needed a quick bath after because there we would have gone through a pack of wipes to clean this up 🙂