Let’s get dressed!

The hardest part about planning your session is going to be what to wear! It’s the question I get asked the most and I have a few tips!


  1. Be you! It sounds cheesy but it is so true! If you are a suit and dress kind of family then by all means dress to impress! If this is not something you wear on a regular basis then it is not the best choice for you. This does NOT mean you should be rocking your yoga pants and some unbrushed hair (let’s be real, that is my everyday…) so lets just polish up your look and maybe even wear a dress!
  2. Be comfortable! Are you one of those women that wears those ridiculously tall heals (even though we secretly want to see you fall) like a super model? That’s what you should wear! If you  live in your flip flops like I do then maybe you should wear some flats. You also need to keep our location in mind. There will be walking, sitting, tickling, and probably swinging involved so be able to sit without the need to unbutton your pants 🙂
  3. Wear the right size! I know SO MANY women who say they have a ton of weight to loose before they can show their figure off but that is the opposite of what you want to do! Your clothes give you shape,and combined with the right pose your “extra pounds” will melt away!
  4. Coordinate, not matching!  Gone are the days where everyone needs to wear the same color top and matching bottoms. Start with a color family you like and pick the family’s outfits based on that! Not sure what colors you like? Look at your home! The colors of your walls, pictures hanging, pillows, and your closet! Look up color family on pinterest and take notes! Here is my page with some great ideas! https://www.pinterest.com/jenngphotos/photo-outfits/

This is from one of my favorite pins: http://marlenjames.blogspot.ca/2013/05/tips-for-your-family-pictures-at.html


This is a great starting point for you and I am always here to talk about what you would like to wear. Feel free to text me a picture of your outfits if you are on the fence!

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