Limited Edition Sessions

This year I offered my first ever limited edition sessions! We had so many wonderful families sign up we quickly filled up. This beautiful location courtesy of Earthscape Design Inc and Mulch and More made the perfect backdrop! The weather was not on our side and a little too chilly for some of our younger children. Luckily this location has an amazing barn that we were able to utilize for some indoor shots and then just a couple outside. As we made it to some of the later sessions the sun warmed up which made our outside shots a little more bearable! These kids were such troopers and hardly noticed the cold! We will defiantly do this again in the future!

Allen Extended Family Session | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

I met the Allen Family earlier in the year when I set up a special for Coke’s Chapel Preschool to offer mini sessions for the families. When Karen said she wanted to get the entire family together I knew the best location for us would be the! The beautiful landscape was showing off fall with vibrant orange and yellows painting the trees. Around every corner there was a place that caught my eye and wanted to take just one more! The best thing about this property is it’s versatility in accommodating different needs in one place. I am so thankful to have exclusive access to this mini botanical garden!

We started with the family sessions until everyone was ready and then stopped to set up the group. We knew we wanted to get a picture with everyone and then a picture with grandparents and grandkids so that was our priority shot! I was worried about getting everyone to look at me because we had some young kids but they did FANTASTIC! No photoshop needed to swap out faces from people looking away for this family! The last family waited so patiently while  we took care of the babies first. I forgot to mention that we were battling CRAZY wind and a random cold front so everyone was freezing!

Jenn Gervais Photography

Tenley’s Newborn Session| Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

I was so excited to set up this newborn session for Brittany and her Husband. Way back in the day I use to work with her as a teacher and we had many years loving on kids. It is so rewarding working with kids and worth all of the time and energy that goes into helping them grow. Times have changed and now she is a Momma to a sweet baby girl of her own! Tenley was an angel for me and not only posed super easy, she gave me lots of smiles!!! I am talking at least 3 images with her smiling and I could not have asked for a better session.


Brylie is one! | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

How it has already been 6 months since I last saw this sweet girl is beyond me but it has! Her Momma said she wanted a vintag look to her images and I had so much fun getting a little girly fix looking at all of the outfits on Etsy! Who knew there were so many choices for cake smash outfits!! When we started with her 1 year pictures first I quickly learned that this girl is on the move! We busted out some bubbles and played chase the baby but it was all worth it! Cake smash sessions are a gamble, you never know how they will react to the cake. Brylie was a little slow to warm up to the cake but when she did it was great! At one point she actually picked up the entire cake! She actually needed a quick bath after because there we would have gone through a pack of wipes to clean this up 🙂

Harper’s Newborn Session| Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

Let me just tell you that this girl was a dream to work with! She let me bend and pose and pose some more! Natalie was not quite sure what to think about me being there and all of the stuff I brought with me. Luckily her Auntie (who is also pregnant!) was in town and could give her lots of cuddles until it was her turn. Mom had these matching outfits made that we were going to use at the hospital but since Natalie had to wait until Harper got home to meet here this was the first chance we were able to use them. They are just adorable!  I can’t wait to watch her grow as a GKid. I love my job!

Congratulations on your 2 beautiful daughters 🙂


Harper’s 1st 48| Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

I can’t believe the time has come to go meet Harper! It seems like not that long ago I was at this very hospital photographing her big sister. Her Momma amazed me with her strength and ditermination to have a natural child birth. Going through birth twice myslelf I just can’t wrap my brain around this! I was very curious to see if she would be her sister’s mini me but she actually looks a lot different! She had a hard time settling down while I was there until her Momma cradled her in her arms. I wish Natalie was feeling better and could join us but I will get to see her in a couple of days!

Leslie & Ava’s Styled Mommy and Me Session | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

Leslie is the owner of Southern Stems and if you have not seen her work you are missing out! She is an AMAZING florist with a gift for creating arrangements that are stunning works of art you can check out here. She also happens to be a Mom to two cool kids. When she said she wanted to do a Mommy and Me session with Ava I knew we could spruce it up with a styled session. She crafted a floral crown for Ava and pulled some strings to get us into Vinewood for some pictures! We were fighting losing light but we ran around that place looking for all the right spots. We knew we wanted to get pictures with Ava and her crown so that was our first set up. The swing was by far my favorite are to play! I have been dreaming of doing a swing picture for quiet some time now with a floral crown and it was so great to finally make it happen. Ava was such a trooper, I had her turning, leaning, swinging, and sitting on that swing. She was beautiful.

After we had what we needed of the crown and swing we started doing some Mommy and me photos. We found this path with some long grass and I just knew I wanted to get them in there. I probably should have done this one last since the seeds from the tall grass stuck to their clothes but they came off easy enough. Ava started to give me goofy faces right about here but after some snuggles with Mom she was back in action. The love and patients that Leslie has with her both of her children is indescribable.  I am so thankful she asked me to preserve this time in her life with a Mommy and Me session.