Griffin| Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

This little man was celebrating his 1st birthday so we met up to capture his big milestone!! The weather was overcast (think awesome lighting) and when I saw his Mom pull him out of the car and I saw his little outfit I fell in love! The deep colors and little jeans were perfect and he was so stinking cute! Then when she busted out the little chair I could have hugged her! My neutral loving self was squeezing!! I love that she brought out his favorite lovey right now, it really helped us get some great smiles and he melted my heart when he squeezed it in for a big hug. Between the lovey, a couple of snacks, and Mommy we were able to keep him pretty happy 🙂

Happy 1st Birthday Griffin!!


You can check out his slideshow with images of the entire session!

Audrey | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

Little Miss Audrey made us wait much longer than we thought we were going to! She was so sweet and slept through her session like a dream! Her Mamma loves pink and purples and found a special girly little tutu with a matching bow. I found out that it has been awhile since they were able to capture all of the kids in a picture looking and smiling. Her son has autism and is easily overwhelmed so this has been a challenge for them, especially when it came to photographing their family. We made a plan to try to get all 4 kids together but if he was showing any signs of being overwhelmed we would stop. She told me that he loves counting and has a couple favorite characters so we started with counting and it was magical. All 3 kids, sitting, and smiling. We couldn’t have asked for a better session 🙂


To see her full session check out her slideshow!