Riley & Tyler

We have already determined we are bringing back arranged marriages! Jill and Riley made the trip up for Tyler’s first birthday party so we took advantage of a nearby field and a beautiful day! Jill and I thought it would be cute to get our kids together for a session wearing our beloved Florida State.  What we didn’t take into account was how much two almost one year olds would move!  We spent most of chasing them around the field, putting them on the blanket, and stopping them from eating dandelions! I just can’t get enough of these 2  FSU cuties!

Brynlee & Brayden

Oh how sweet are these two! I was student teaching when their mom decided she had the perfect man for me and I just had to meet them. Marla and Caleb met us for a double date and introduced me to the cute guy named Chris. Fast forward to today and that cute guy is now my husband! I told Marla I would love to come and play around with the twins and my camera and I think I brought every prop I owned. This was my first time working with twins and I am so thankful Marla was patient and supportive during this session. I feel so lucky to have spent the afternoon with Brynlee and Brayden!