Get out from behind the camera!

I am the first to admit I am much more comfortable being BEHIND the lens, and that is where I like to stay! After watching Sue Bryce talk about existing in photographs for your children and loved ones, I thought about how I am preserving my family’s legacy.  She talked about a client she had who had lost her Mom to breast cancer and she herself was fighting breast cancer. When Sue asked her to send he a picture of her Mom, she shrugged and said she did not really have any before she was battling cancer. No pictures that showcased how her Mom was her best friend, or how her eyes were such a crisp vivid blue that she loved. The picture she brought was at least 15 years old and in black and white, and that was all she had left. My heart was aching as I listened to how the girl was getting pictures taken so that just in case she lost her battle and joined her Mom, her family would have something to hold onto with her smiling, vibrant, and full of life.

Do I take enough pictures of my family? YES, do I take enough pictures of myself with my family? Sometimes…I have a family blog where I tell my family’s story throughout the year. Our long distance family gets a chance to see our son grow and I publish the blog into a book through BLURB and so in a sense I have a physical copy of our life, and a digital copy as well. As far as myself being featured in our story, it is something I have to make an effort to do. One way I have done that is by documenting my pregnancy! I have committed to taking a picture every week (to the best of my ability) and celebrate the life that is growing inside me.

I have only had professional pictures taken a handful of times in my life, usually around big changes in my life. Naturally we have wedding pictures, a maternity session when I was pregnant with Tyler, and a newborn/extended family session where my family met Ty for the first time. EVERY time I look at these pictures the emotion rises up and I remember what I was feeling like I was there. I need to make sure I am creating these types of memory for my family. Obviously Ty is too young to appreciate what I am doing for him, but is important for me to preserve my family’s legacy and tell our family’s story.
Who is telling yours?

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