Where do I begin to describe this session? It started with being locked in a restricted area while I was waiting for Casey and Christina to arrive. Luckily Casey honked her horn like a mad woman as I leaped out of my car like it was on fire to flag down a worker who said “huhu, you got locked in”. I responded “huhu, yeah I did….”. After a couple more laughs we got right to work working on head shots, lighting, and focal points. Christina did a great job making me comfortable ( and yes I know it should be the other way around) but she was laughing and goofy and JUST what I needed!

When we decided to move on to the train tracks I was really excited at the opportunity to get creative! I handed off my baby to Casey and started taking pictures !! We were getting some great shots and Tyler started to fuss but there as no way I was missing this opportunity so I held him and started shooting one handed. When I could no longer hold him I put him down and has he tasted the rocks I grabbed a couple pictures of him while Casey was taking pictures. Then Christina said “Oh great the cops” and I laughed THINKING SHE WAS KIDDING! Then she continued with “crap he turned on the lights” and I knew she was not. I continued to take a couple more pictures of Ty and then we made our way towards the cop. Oh how I was surprised when he informed us we could be arrested for trespassing and how dumb we were to park our cars on the side of the road (as opposed to parking them on the train tracks with us???) and then escorted us to our cars so we could give him our ID. As we are doing to the walk of shame while holding a baby in my arms the traffic in the park is creeping by so they can stare at the delinquent photography group. All in all, this was a fantastic photo session!


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