Harper’s Newborn Session| Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

Let me just tell you that this girl was a dream to work with! She let me bend and pose and pose some more! Natalie was not quite sure what to think about me being there and all of the stuff I brought with me. Luckily her Auntie (who is also pregnant!) was in town and could give her lots of cuddles until it was her turn. Mom had these matching outfits made that we were going to use at the hospital but since Natalie had to wait until Harper got home to meet here this was the first chance we were able to use them. They are just adorable!  I can’t wait to watch her grow as a GKid. I love my job!

Congratulations on your 2 beautiful daughters 🙂


Harper’s 1st 48| Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

I can’t believe the time has come to go meet Harper! It seems like not that long ago I was at this very hospital photographing her big sister. Her Momma amazed me with her strength and ditermination to have a natural child birth. Going through birth twice myslelf I just can’t wrap my brain around this! I was very curious to see if she would be her sister’s mini me but she actually looks a lot different! She had a hard time settling down while I was there until her Momma cradled her in her arms. I wish Natalie was feeling better and could join us but I will get to see her in a couple of days!

Leslie & Ava’s Styled Mommy and Me Session | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

Leslie is the owner of Southern Stems and if you have not seen her work you are missing out! She is an AMAZING florist with a gift for creating arrangements that are stunning works of art you can check out here. She also happens to be a Mom to two cool kids. When she said she wanted to do a Mommy and Me session with Ava I knew we could spruce it up with a styled session. She crafted a floral crown for Ava and pulled some strings to get us into Vinewood for some pictures! We were fighting losing light but we ran around that place looking for all the right spots. We knew we wanted to get pictures with Ava and her crown so that was our first set up. The swing was by far my favorite are to play! I have been dreaming of doing a swing picture for quiet some time now with a floral crown and it was so great to finally make it happen. Ava was such a trooper, I had her turning, leaning, swinging, and sitting on that swing. She was beautiful.

After we had what we needed of the crown and swing we started doing some Mommy and me photos. We found this path with some long grass and I just knew I wanted to get them in there. I probably should have done this one last since the seeds from the tall grass stuck to their clothes but they came off easy enough. Ava started to give me goofy faces right about here but after some snuggles with Mom she was back in action. The love and patients that Leslie has with her both of her children is indescribable.  I am so thankful she asked me to preserve this time in her life with a Mommy and Me session.



Dean’s Cake Smash Session | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

Dean is 1! This big boy had his party and cake smash on the same day. His cute little star-shaped cake was set up and all of his guests eagerly awaited the big moment. He looked at it, and then was ready to crawl away. Mom brought him back and gave him a little piece to get him started. He was a little distracted by his guests and clapped with glee every time they said yay! His older brother and some of the bigger kids REALLY wanted to help Dean smash into his cake, but he did not share their desires. He had a couple nibbles but that’s about it! Sometimes kids dive into their cakes, and sometimes they are just not interested!

Happy 1st Birthday Dean!




Natalie’s 1 Year Session | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

I really have mixed feelings about this session. Natalie was the first baby to graduate from my GKids program! I was lucky enough to meet her at the hospital and again a few days later for her newborn session. Natalie has obviously grown a lot since then and look at her smile! She is not yet walking (lucky Mom and Dad) so I didn’t have to chase her all over the place to get these great smiles! My GKids have the option to join their babies for their 1 year photo and I am glad they did. These are some of my all time favorite family pictures and you can just feel the love.

I love how my job lets me connect with families in a way that makes me feel like I am a part of it, even if it is only for a little while.  It makes me sad I won’t get to see her every three months. On the other hand, Natalie is going to be a BIG SISTER so I will get to see her eventually! I can’t wait to see if her new sibling will be just like her 🙂



Big Sister | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

It is always a pleasure to work with Savannah, she makes my job so easy so when her Mom contacted me and said SURPRISE I am pregnant and we have this idea in mind for a session I knew it would be fun! She told me what she wanted for her checklist and I had everything ready and waiting for them. I told her since I had her in I might as well put up another backdrop and make a little session out of it. I have been wanting to try out this new flower backdrop and she looked adorable in it. I am so happy she is going to be a big sister and very thankful to be a part of this special occasion!

Brendan’s Senior Session | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome my session with Brendan was! It is very rare that I have Dad’s attending photo sessions and I will admit I was a little nervous. Men do not typically enjoy having their picture taken and I was not prepared for Brendan (who easily did everything I asked of him) or his Dad (who had me laughing then entire time). I should have knows, Seniors just have this energy about them that makes for an amazing session!

Toft Maternity Session | Jenn Gervais Photography | Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, GA

One of the best parts of being a photographer is watching families grow. I get so much joy when clients return to me to photograph big changes in their family. This family is so sweet and from the very first time I met them at the hospital for Natalie’s birth, they have felt like instant friends. Natalie was my first graduate of my GKids 1st year program and now we are photographing her promotion to big sister! I actually found out about Megan’s pregnancy while I was at my own check up for my pregnancy and we were both a little surprised to see each other! Good news, I am an excellent secret keeper!

It was a little chilly at our session but everyone did great! I can’t wait to meet Natalie’s baby sister!Toft_maternity

More newborn options!

After a lot of great feedback on my new pricing structure for full sessions I have decided to implement the same structure for newborn sessions. I know offering my services at different prices will enable you to get the pictures of your growing family in a way you are financially comfortable with. As always I continue to offer payment plans to ensure you get the images that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Starter session:
This session is a lifestyle session that occurs in your home. I will capture of your family interacting with the new baby both individually and as a group. Family shots are usually on the bed or couch and your home is the backdrop. I will bring one basket and a wrap for a prop shot similar to what you see above. Lifestyle sessions are perfect for those not interested in posed pictures of baby, and instead want to capture life exactly as it is happening.
Basic session:
This session includes a combination of lifestyle and posed sessions. The majority of the images will be lifestyle but will include1 prop (such as a basket or a bowl) and some posed images of the baby. All family and individual photos holding baby will be taken with your home as a background. Sessions typically last 2-3 hours but if the baby is the boss and that is why it says up to 4 hours. 
Plus Session:
This session is mostly a posed session, meaning I spend a lot of time setting baby up to get the perfect shot in each prop. It includes multiple poses on a blanket (similar to the baby on the left) and 2 basket/bowl/other prop set ups. It also allows for multiple blankets, wraps, head bands, and outfits giving you a wider variety of images to chose from. This is a more artsy session and family pictures are typically done on a backdrop although I like to incorporate so lifestyle sessions. It takes a while to get baby into a deep sleep to safely pose and requires the most time. These sessions typically take 4 hours to ensure the baby is sleeping. If you have small children this is the session I recommend as they tend to need more time to warm up to the idea of holding or laying next to baby for pictures.
Premium Session:
This session is identical to the plus session but includes more digitals. This package is ideal for clients who do not want to sit down and select the 25 images that comes with the basic package. If you know you will be wanting all of the images from the session, purchasing them in this package saves $50 instead of ordering them in your ordering session. Clients can expect 50+ images and the slideshow on a custom USB. The other benefit of this package is it includes video clips in your slideshow from your session. This service is a $75 add on but is included with this package bringing your savings to $125! Here is a sample slideshow that also includes some of her maternity session: